6:30 PM Wednesday Evenings beginning September 6th, 2017

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First child price is $24 for dues and various prices for shirts and books.

Please call the church office if you require more details. 717-632-3954

Fellowship around God’s Word while together, and fun-filled activities and games that encourage both individual and group participation is the backdrop for the two main goals of Awana:

1) reaching boys and girls with the gospel of Jesus Christ and 2) training them to serve Him

Clubs meet weekly on Wednesdays, 6:30-8.00. We begin at 6:30 PM sharp.After you deliver your child to her/his appropriate classroom proceed to the SIGN-IN ROOM to mark your child’s attendance record. This is of the utmost importance since it helps our secre­taries keep accurate records. Please be sure you sign-in your child each week. Our Awana secretaries are responsible for taking your pay­ments, helping you size your child for a uniform, overseeing the distribution of handouts, permis­sion slips, etc., and answering your questions. While you are taking care of details your child is participating in flag ceremony (except Cubbies who follow their own format) which begins an exciting evening. From there the children are dismissed to participate in Bible Time, Handbook Time, and Game Time.

During Bible Time either the club director or one of the leaders teaches a lesson from God’s Word. Awards earned the previous week are usually presented during this time.

Handbook Time is when children recite memory verses they have practiced during the week. When attempting to pass a section, if necessary, each child may be given two helps (a help is limited to 3 words, gestures, or any other such hint). You can aid in your child’s handbook suc­cess by listening to her/him recite the sections at home. Please be sure your child is reciting the reference before and after the verse. Children should also be able to answer questions about vocabulary. For most children it is beneficial if they recite no more than two sections each week. We have found it is necessary that leaders spend more time reviewing verses with children because they are not retaining what they previ­ously recited. Our goals for memorization are comprehension of the verse’s meaning, andapplication to daily life.

Game Time is a unique opportunity to play fun games and to learn Christian sportsmanship and ethics. Most games are played around the Awana circle. Sneakers are a must.

This plan uses biblical principles to bring about proper behavior. The system is based on the three R’s: Reward, Reminder, and Remorse.

  • Reward  We learn from God’s Word that good behavior will be rewarded.
  • Reminder  Each of us makes mistakes, and children especially have a tendency to forget. The reminder is used to train a child in good behavior. Whenever a violation of the rules occurs, the child is given a reminder.
  • Remorse  When a child is reminded of unacceptable behavior too many times, further action must be taken. This is why limits have been set. A child who exceeds the limits must be dealt with. This system provides a way to teach self-discipline.


  • Each clubber begins with a clean slate each week.
  • All children attending Awana must behave according to the club standards and realize it is a privilege to attend club.
  • If a clubber needs to be corrected, the three-count will be used. This is the “three strikes and you are out” philosophy.

A. When an offense occurs the leader reminds the clubber of what is expected and informs her/him she/he has earned a one-count.
B.   If the misbehavior continues a twocount is earned and the Club Director is notified.
C.  On a three-count the child is taken to the Club Director who contacts the Commander. The Commander talks with the child and together they contact the parents.

This system is intended to address minor offenses. More serious offenses will be immediately referred to the Awana commander. Infractions of this nature may result in suspension or expulsion from the Awana ministry. The parent will be made aware of what has occurred and will be involved thereafter.